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Latest episode: Episode 016 - The Warlock of Voodoo Island

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This show follows a favorite plot structure of Hanna Barbara in the 1970's. A "Gang" of teens and loveable creature find adventures and inevitably solve the mystery. In this flavor: Mickey, Nita (notably a Latina Character) and Billy Joe solve mysteries and crimes with their friend, Shmoo. Shmoo who is a two legged stretchable, white side-kick with the very familiar voice of Frank Welker. The Character originally appeared in Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner on August 31, 1948. Interestingly Jake the Dog of Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time with Fin and Jake" displays a similar power. The kids investigate reports of strange occurrences for their publication: Mighty Mysteries Comics.. Watch and download The New Shmoo online for free on Cartoon8 at with premium link. Please click to play icon on for watching The New Shmoo

Genres: Family Cartoon

Date aired: 1979

Total episode: 16 eps

Status: Completed

Views: 45,875