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Latest episode: Season 02 Episode 013 - Detention

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"On a distant and embattled planet called Edenoi, a young prince named Dex is given great powers by his grandfather, the king, and is sent to the planet Earth to protect it from the advancing evil of Count Dregon and his vicious Insectivores. Once on Earth, he is adopted by a kind family and learns to live as a human. With his companion Ferbus by his side, Dex is ever vigilant. Ready at a moment's notice to call on his powers to become Masked Rider.". Watch and download Masked Rider online for free on Cartoon8 at with premium link. Please click to play icon on for watching Masked Rider

Genres: Adventure Cartoon, Sci-Fi Cartoon

Date aired: 1995

Total episode: 40 eps

Status: Completed

Views: 130,786