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Latest episode: Episode 040 - Gears of Fire

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Heavy Gear is set on a distant, fictional planet called Terra Nova around 4,000 Earth Standard Years from now (AD 6132). Terra Nova was once the pride of the United Earth Government's colonies. However, an economic collapse forced the UEG government to abandon Terra Nova and all its other colonies centuries before the period depicted in the game setting, leaving Terra Nova in a dark age. Eventually, City-states rose from the ashes and either through treaties or tyranny, united to form national unions called Leagues. These Leagues would in turn ally (again either peacefully or forcibly) to form the superpower blocs that dominated the temperate southern and northern hemispheres of the planet.. Watch and download Heavy Gear: The Animated Series online for free on Cartoon8 at with premium link. Please click to play icon on for watching Heavy Gear: The Animated Series

Genres: Action Cartoon, Sci-Fi Cartoon, Thriller Cartoon

Date aired: 2001–2003

Total episode: 40 eps

Status: Completed

Views: 118,463